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15 December 2009 - It's been a LONG time since an update has happened. I thought it would update itself, but apparently the html code thinks differently. Feel free to email me more comments about the lack of updating.

22 March 2006 - New link to buy american! Support your fellow Americans and their jobs!

7 Dec 2005 - Pimp Your Powerwheels Forum section Up!

Don't forget that you can always get in touch with me! You can e-mail, phone, and AOL IM!

Drop me a line, and we can BS about Radio, Fireworks, Skydiving, whatever...

31 May 2005 - New section in Forums. Fireworks!!!

New Ryan's Rants - Fireworks Safety, The Republican and the Democrat, and "Quit Smoking around your Kids!"

19 May 2005 - New Guestbook Feature! Check this out!

I'd like everyone to sign this upon passing through. It lets me know someone actually gives a crap about this site and all the cool things associated with such.

Update for Pimp my powerwheels! - See this page.

Forums are back!!! Check them out here.

05 May 2005 - NEW RANTS - Here's Ryan's uber-cool Blog.

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Why labor unions are pure bullshit...
New scientific discovery...
More dumbasses and their forwarded emails...

04 April 2005:

Skydiving Rocks! No, I'm not talking about some get-rich-quick scheme selling rocks that you skydive with. I'm talking about the beauty of falling from the sky. Honestly, there is no better pasttime.

02 February 2005 - All you fans of the "Pimp my Powerwheels" section will be pleased to learn that it's 95% complete. I've got more pictures, and you can find them here...

Also, I've got a few new rants I'm working on, so keep checking the Ryan's Rants page for updates.

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