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Dumbasses in the News! Not for the mentally inept...

Andrew from CrystalOne Radio qualifies to have his name grace the pages of the dumbasses page!

Andrew is a simple radio station manager/owner. He is also, by no choice of my own, a part of my weekly radio show. (i.e. I was told he had to be on in order for my show to be carried on that network.)

Andrew is facing some difficult choices these days. He is an admitted Libertarian, (i.e. Don't call me a liberal,) and yet today, he decided to play Captain Liberal with something as simple as the topics for my show on his website. He decided to play Mr. Media Censor.

Now don't get me wrong. The fact that he even posted my topics was an amazing feat in and of itself. As in the past, he has barely been able to put anything on there as far as show topics that pertain to what I talk about.

But today I gave him a list of the show's topics for this evening. You can find them on the main page, but I'll list them again here.

17 November 2004

This week on the radio show, we'll be talking about the following topics...
1.) The murder of Margaret Hassan by "insurgents" Who else thinks these maggots deserve everything they get?
2.) NBC - Let's make our soldiers look like the enemy with this video. Oh, but don't play the videos showing the terrorists sawing the heads off of their victims. That's in poor taste.
3.) UN Continues to cover-up Oil for Food Program documentation. Kofi Annan is continuing to withhold documentation on who and where the Money went.
4.) President Bush makes me mad too sometimes: Why wait until after the election to stomp Fallujah? Just do it and be done with it. I'm thinking... big Parking lot....
5.) Student Sues to Pose With Gun in Yearbook. NH Student not allowed by school officials to have senior picture used in year Book. More dumb school officals in "CYA" mode.
6.) Ryan Hull is cool, and you like him...

Now these seem like likely show topics for just about any Conservative Talk Show. But wait! We need to sterilize these a bit. So we'll change some wording to not make it sound so bad.

Here's what he placed on the website as topics...

Ryan's Topics:

-The murder of Margaret Hassan by insurgents.
-NBC war debacle.
-Student Sues to Pose With Gun in Yearbook.
-UN Continues to cover-up Oil for Food Program documentation.
-President Bush makes me mad too sometimes...Fallujah.

Notice the difference? Hmmm. I would venture a guess someone just played the "left-wing media bias"card. Now not only can I not do my own show on his network without including his mundane presence, but I also have to suffer with his "editing" of my show topics.

After reading his milk-toast version of the show tonight, you'd think that what NBC did wasn't all that bad. You'd think that I wasn't all that mad about the execution style shooting of that relief worker. You'd also get the impression that I'm mad @ the president because he's got our troops fighting in Fallujah.

He bitched and complained about the Sinclair network showing the documentary, “Stolen Honor: Wounds That Never Heal,” on national TV. But when asked not to censor my show topics, he says this to me... note: DarkEye is Andrew's chat name/handle:

[10:15:05a] @DarkEye) Ryan, suck it
[10:15:17a] @DarkEye) I can edit stuff on my own site

Hmmm, That kinda sounds like someone else we all know. I wonder who it could be..... Could it be..... Hitler? Oh that's right. He only had the people executed that disagreed with he and his policies. Oops, you're a fascist. But just imagine, you're on your way!

Hey way to go Andrew, you've earned your spot on the dumbasses page @

You can e-mail andrew yourself and tell him what you think of his gestapo tactics.


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