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Bob & Maggie (Rodeo) Tyson 2004


The 2005 falling out of the sky season about to begin!

Check out Skydive Ricks for more information, and an awesome video by Bob Tyson with the 2004 season in review.

Skydiving Rocks!

Honestly, where else can you experience falling @ terminal velocity (sometimes greater, ) and consider it fun. I've jumped 26 times now, and almost have my license, (as if issuing a license for this activity somehow demonstrates responsibility.)

Moreover, (and honestly who doesn't like to see that word used,) skydiving is almost a sort of religious experience. I was once told by a fellow skydiver, that once you experience it, you almost start sounding like a religious nut to everyone you talk to. You've experienced a completely new and exciting activity, and you want all the world to experience it as well to give yourself something else to talk about.

My wife and I both skydive. We feel it's safe enough to call it a hobby. (not as dangerous as sniffing the glue from cementing model planes together mind you.) She has just recently begun to freefall, and will soon be joining me in the open skies and enjoying the benefits of freefall.

Skydiving is only for cool people.

If you disagree, You are wrong! There's literally bags and bags of cool websites out there just waiting for you to realize how cool skydiving is. One of my favorites places to skydive, and also the Dropzone of champions, is here.

Lots of pictures, videos, etc there. Plus perhaps the most awesome collection of people you've ever met, (except Paul, who sucks...)

OK, enough of my rantings about skydiving. I'm going to post a freefall video of mine, so you clowns can see what you're missing. (Update: Quit yer' complaining. I'm workin' on it.)

Stay tuned.


P.S., Here's a picture for you...

Yes, that's an inflatable raft falling out of a plane... No, I wasn't really there. But you laughed at it too.